Our Charity

Our Charity

Our Values

Super Slide to a Super life!

Our values drive everything we do. Individual commitment to them is a key part of our culture and our expectations for each individual Super Slider.

We believe participation in ice sports can develop core key leadership competencies which will set young people up for success in their future lives. Our programmes are focused on experiential learning to allow those competencies  to be understood, learned, practised, valued and adopted as core ‘Super Life’ behaviour.

We believe ice sliding should be truly inclusive and we are committed to demonstrating that inclusion in our activities and interactions with all those with whom we partner. Respect for everyone, regardless of their background or identity, is critical to being a Super Slider. We also believe in the power of community at all levels,  including the embryo Super Slider community that we are building. 

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for young people to develop enduring life competencies and complimentary know how through experiencing our ice sports programmes.

Our Vision

To provide the vision, leadership, governance and know how to secure the resources to deliver the Super Slider programmes that facilitate opportunities for young people (16-25) to develop character, life skills and competencies through the participation in ice sports and associated workshops.


Corie Mapp

Lamin Deen OLY

Laura Deas OLY

Charlotte Longden

Matthew Weston OLY

Brogan Crowley OLY

Markus Wyatt OLY



Our Trustees set the Ice Sports Foundation strategic direction, monitor the delivery of its objectives and uphold its values and governance

Tony Wallington OBE, OLY

Sarah Krebs

Jeremy Elms

Tom De La Hunty

Adam Cakebread

Tiffany Anglim

Strategic Pillars


  • Work with related charities and their members to deliver programmes
  • Build on the 4-tier programme and related services
  • Develop expertise within the charity
  • Develop young people through all levels of the programme
  • Ensure sports related education/transferable skills are embedded within the programme
  • Provide grants for programmes and individuals


  • Ensure financial stability
  • Grow commercial revenue
  • Optimise revenue for the benefit of the programmes
  • Develop a sense of community
  • Develop packages that are valued
  • Maintain good governance and compliance with charity law
  • Develop and make best use of technology
  • Succession planning


  • Engage with relevant clubs, charities and individuals
  • Promote the programmes and the charity through online, social and conventional means
  • Promote ambassadors and donors
  • Promote the value of ice sports in developing life skills